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When we design new products we always take care that the end product e.g. universal LED-Tubes, electronic ballast compatible LED tubes, or continuous line LED customer requirements. We place great emphasis on quality and efficiency.


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Beleuchtung des Trockendocks 8 - Naval Yards Kiel GmbH (Kieler Förde)

Die Simulation:

Kieler Förde - German Naval

Ausstattung der Dockhalle mit Beleuchtung

Zuerst wurde eine Simulation erstellt um die benötigten Lichtpunkte, die Gleichmäßigkeit und die benötigte Leistung zu definieren. Die später zu erreichenden Luxwerte werden anhand der Simulation vorab demonstriert.

Nach Freigabe durch den Kunden wurden die DILUVIS 3.0 Strahler an den vorgegebenen Punkten angebracht.

Das Ergebnis ist ein perfekt ausgeleuchtetes DOCK8 der Firma German Naval Yards Kiel an der Kieler Förde.
Insgesamt wurden im Dock8 (Hallenmaße: 40m breit, 45m hoch und 210m lang) 220 Stk. DILUVIS 3.0 verbaut. Die Gesamtleitsungsaufnahme beträgt 11kWh.

Lighting design experts - SCHMELTER LED TECHNOLOGY®

If hall lighting, production lighting and task lighting to be operated professionally, our lighting design experts a light goes on quickly - the planning of homogeneous lighting conditions at various jobs is dependent on knowledge and know-how ahead. here Our many years of experience form the multiplier for perfect illumination at your workplace.

Advanced LED products - with SCHMELTER LED TECHNOLOGY®

The rapid development of LED technology requires the following: flexibility and commitment. Our patented universal LED tubes, we have developed a product that is unique worldwide. High-quality LEDs that we mount among others in LED indoor lamps, LED light bars, LED Moisture-proof and in linear luminaires, creating a potential advantage in a partially opaque market. We of SCHMELTER LED TECHNOLOGY® to focus exclusively on high quality products with European standards - and with a price-performance ratio that generates a payback within a short time.

Safety without compromise. TÜV and VDE conform.

LED tubes, easy to use, which need not fear comparison with fluorescent tubes, associated with a very high safety standard are our historically conditioned core area. When it comes to standard-compliant lighting in the workplace, when used in industrial- and production halls or inexpensive replacement of street lighting, these features are self-evident and indispensable.

When changing from fluorescent lighting to energy-saving LED Tubes, we use our patented components to make replacing your conventional lighting device as easy as possible. The widely used T8 tube can first be exchanged as a light source without rewiring or modification of light even with mounts which are provided with an electronic ballast, thanks to our developed SI-Technology®, against a counterpart with LEDs. This not only brings more brightness, but the economics of the former high energy consumption are optimized immediately.